Build MVP for Your Startup

Build a minimum viable product on a turn-key basis to validate your idea. Use SoftMediaLab services to build MVP from $9800 in 12 weeks.

We create UI/UX design, develop the product, test it, provide a demo and finally publish the application. You will get excellent MVP and rapidly launch  your startup.

MVP Building Expertise

You will get our expertise acquired in 20+ MVP projects for US, Canada, Israel, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic and other countries. The key fields we work in are:

  • blockchain
  • e-commerce
  • fintech
  • machine learning
  • AR & VR
  • internet of things

MVP Building Process

  1. Video Meeting
  2. Sign NDA
  3. Define the project needs and send you scope of work for validation
  4. Sign the Contract (30% advance payment)
  5. Create user experience and user interface design
  6. Start the MVP development process with weekly demo
  7. Test the application
  8. Final demo of the built MVP
  9. 70% final payment
  10. Publish the application

MVP Building Packages



Email Previews


Page Testing

Interactive Testing



Unique UX/UI design

Mobile app

Without backend




Unique UX/UI design

Mobile or web app




Unique UX/UI design

Mobile app

Web app


Why Choose SML to Develop MVP?

  • 20+ MVPs developed
  • Fixed budget and delivery time
  • IP Rights under your sole ownership + enforceable NDAs
  • No hidden fees or charge

Let’s develop the app your clients really want!

Contact us to Get Free:

  • Contract & NDA templates
  • Expert consultation
  • MVP examples