The founder and creator of this startup asked us to develop a CRM system for communicating with B2C clients via messengers. At first he planned to use it for his own business to provide personal consultations for dieters through messengers; then, he was going to make a product for a wider market.

We run this project with three developers (FrontEnd, BackEnd and a developer of integrations). The development process was managed by the founder himself, and after 6 months the first patients could get medical consultations.

Key features

  • Integration with Telegram, VKontakte, WhatsUp, Viber and email allows increasing the speed of сall center managers’ work 2-3 fold.
  • Creating views that categorize clients based on different user roles. For example, it allows managers to see lists of free and paid customers, and allows doctors to see lists of diabetics and people with allergies.
  • Possibility to customize the stages of the sales funnel – as well as giving additional benefits to clients, this helps to bring customers to the purchase faster, and also visualizes the bottlenecks of the funnel for the manager.
  • Customizing clients’ card fields allows different users in the system to see and fill out only the necessary information.
  • The solution is designed in such a way that adding new messengers is quite simple and does not require making changes to the system as a whole.

NodeJS, TypeScript, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Angular 5, Bootstrap

Extra information:
Development time
6 months