ByeBuy Global Operations company develops a project Grover which suggests renting gadgets instead of buying them. The project received venture round A and the team required additional backend developers of RubyOnRails5 in order to meet the deadlines promised to investors. After the interview and signing of NDA a dedicated developer of SML joined the team. SML’s developer significantly strengthened the Customer’s team and therefore allowed to successfully release a product version on time.


Ruby on Rails 5.0, PostgreSQL 9.6, Redis 3, Memcached 1.4.1, React 15, Nodejs 6

Extra information:
Development time
21 months
Kannan Reghu
Vice President

I recommend SoftMediaLab because developers are really strong and we have seen that they are executing the tasks with good quality. Guys are doing a great job and I like to keep in touch when we have further burst of resource requirements in future.