This project was developed from scratch. The startup CreditClub was funded by Angel Investors and inspired the product manager who needed a technical team. Now business operates in Georgia and SML provides maintenance and develops additional features.

In this project SML’s developers have built a unique platform for launching of online P2P-lending business as well as logo and visual identity for the company. The system was fully adapted for Georgian market. Website allows to bring together lenders and borrowers, interest accrual for credit delinquencies and penalties and also has payments and chargings accounting function.


C#, Asp.net mvc + Razor, bootstrap, less, angularJS 1.4, SignalR(websockets), smartinspect for logging, ORM ServiceStack, PostgreSQL 9.6 and a lot of external libraries

Extra information:
Development time
12 months
Rodion Popkov
Managing partner

I was extremely satisfied with technical team working on the project. Developers understood project goals, suggested ideas and were genuinely interested in seeing it succeed. At every step I was sure that the project would reach planned scope and deadlines. I recommended SML for startups that want to get a working product on time.