how to create a chatbot
The Guide to Creating a Chatbot for Your Business

It’s believed that a chatbot is more important for business success than an ordinary application, because it provides a real experience. The aim of the article is to extend your knowledge about chatbots, inform you about the ways to build one, and provide you with a chatbot development tutorial.

create own Siri
The Process of Building AI Assistant App

Virtual assistants are conquering the IT industry. Siri by Apple, Bixby by Samsung, Alexa by Amazon, Cortana by Microsoft, etc. Many companies develop AI assistant apps or customize already existing ones to simplify generic human operations. How to build your own AI assistant step by step?

Nodejs vs PHP battle
Yet another Node.js vs PHP holy war article

Or how not to shoot yourself in the foot choosing backend technology. I’m going to analyze and compare three main aspects of these platforms: scalability, security, and performance. Hopefully, it will help you to make the right choice.