One of the examples of outsourcing startups is a workforce management system in telecom area, designed and developed for the USA customer.

The project started in june 2016 and was finished in november 2016.

SoftMediaLab has developed a cloud-based application to provide workforce management functionalities to external field personnel operations.

Application is focused on the cable and telecommunications industry, but is intended to support any industry with externally routed personnel.

Main features.

Web application for Supervisors:

  • Dashboard includes google map on which supervisors can find their field personnel and check their availability. As well as field personnel on the map the supervisors can look at the particular work items, which represent work that has to be done
  • Possibilities to create and edit work items, support work breakdown structure and making assignments
  • Workforce uses skills of technicians, locations of work items, audit of technician’s activity etc

Mobile application for Technicians:

  • Push Notification on assignments, new worklog entries and changes which influence their work
  • Functionality to track work activity: accept assignment, decline assignment, start work, pause work, set need materials status etc
  • Map includes work locations and possibility to make an optimal route to the place

Technology stack:

  • Responsive Web Application — HTML5 and Angular JS client side development and Node JS for server side development
  • Android Application — Native
  • IOS Application — Native