Software Solution for CreditClub.

The GoLend is unique System for launching of online P2P-lending business in any country either in a partnership or white label

Now the System is adapted for Georgian market and the company operates under CREDITCLUB label

GoLend is designed to automate the business of a company engaged in P2P online lending bringing together lenders and borrowers and effecting payments via the company’s bank account.

GL includes the following subsystems:

  • UI Module: Client UI, Backoffice UI
  • Credit Module
  • Notification Module (SMS, Email)
  • Accounts Module
  • Payments Module
  • Credit History Module


The System is supplied in fully mounted and preconfigured form as a cloud solution hosted by Amazon or by other host supporting the solution’s technology stack.

GoLend has been developed on C# technology stack using AngularJS.

The System uses IIS as a web server, and PostgreSQL database.

System access for the Company’s employees and Clients is enabled via a web browser.

Information security of the connection between Client’s web browser and the web server is ensured through the use of HTTPS and SSL security certificates the Company obtains for its domain name.

The supply includes two installations of the System:

  • Commercial (operational) installation.
  • Test (on the contractor’s side) installation — for testing of System improvements and patches, and for test operation.

For commercial installation, full backup of web servers and databases is supported. Web server replication is carried out by standard IIS services. Database replication is carried out by PostgreSQL means.

The System has been tested to work with the following web browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Spartan

All were latest-version browsers.
All the browsers are required to support client JavaScript which is part of the website.

GoLend solution is continuously developing on the basis of innovation and verified world practices for other countries.