SoftMediaLab representatives made a business trip to Tel-Aviv.

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We made the business trip to Tel-Aviv from February 27 to March 12 and had series of meetings with potential customers of IT-services in order to establish partnerships.

Why did we choose Israel and Tel-Aviv?

Israel is the most important startup ecosystem in the world and it often calls ‘Startup Nation’. In the Tel-Aviv there are more than 1500 innovative tech companies, in which 40,000 people work and they contribute to 15 percent of the total export GDP of the country.

SparkLabs Global Ventures recognized Tel-Aviv as a “top ten” startup hub: Silicon Valley, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, NYC, Los Angeles, Beijing, Seoul, Boston, London, and Berlin.

What did we do in Tel-Aviv?

We arranged more than 15 meetings with founders and investors of It-companies, Angel investors and Managing partners of accelerators. It was a great opportunity to personally get acquainted and negotiate with a potential customers from Israel’s Startup scene.

Also we visited Google office in Tel-Aviv and came to see the most famous sights of Jerusalem and the Dead sea.

What is the our impression of Israel’s Startup scene?

It was unbelievable to realize that Israel, which is considered the most advanced country in Southwest Asia and the Middle East in economic and technology development, doesn’t have natural resources like minerals, oil and iron at all.

The second bright difference that 85% of population can speak English and most of the Entrepreneurs focus their Companies only on the global market. They are really an open nation and they work to spread their technologies worldwide.

In the end just one interesting fact. How many startups are there in Israel? Check on the map


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